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Travel tips – Hills special

Date Added: January 08, 2015 10:03:16 AM
Author: Pearl Adventure
Category: Travel

Have hills always attracted you? Have you dreamed of visiting hill stations and crazily trek, para glide or capture the scenic beauty there? With summers knocking the doors, many have planned vacations to hill tops. Here are some travel tips while you go to a hill station. -Never under estimate the climate/weather of hill station. Irrespective the warm summers, do not be surprised with the drastic changes in weather. It can rain or get cold with the blink of an eye. Advisable to carry atleast a jacket or sweatshirt in your luggage. Do a weather check before heading to hills. -A sun tan lotion is a must. While the pleasant breeze will keep you cool, you will not even realize how and when did the Sun cause you tanning or sun burns. Apply a good amount before stepping out. Trek with precautions -No heels on hills! Wear flat shoes, sandals or floaters. Even slippers would do. Avoid heels lest you should complain of sprain, pain in foot or difficulty in walking. Heels do not make a hold on the hilly roads. -Medical aid- Though there are shops and facilities in the hotels, yet it is wise to carry your own handy medical kit containing pain relief spray, paracetamol, digestive tablets, antiseptic cream, band aids and pain killers. -Wear a cap or hat to avoid direct contact with the Sun. -Keep yourself hydrated- You may not feel thirsty at hill stations. However, your body needs a minimum of 2 litres water everyday. Replenish your body cells and skin with the requisite amount each day. Keep sipping water instead of gulping a large amount in one go. -Be prepared with medical kit - Those who feel pukish, should carry orange candies, lemon slices or chewing gums with them. This is a natural tendency which cannot be avoided. So, relax if you see your coi-passengers not puking while you feel giddy and want to throw out. This is usually called motion sickness or the pressure difference in the hills. -Carrying a small torch and pocket knife is a smart idea while travelling to hill stations. -Usually tea at hill stations is sweeter than the normal standards. Control your blood sugar level by asking the tea stall owner, not to put sugar in your tea. If you are carrying sugar free pouches, it does the job. Keep these little things in mind while you enjoy your holidays in hill stations. Be safe, take precautions and plunge into the beauty of hills! Article Source :- -Pearl Adventure Team