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Custom Cabinets: Creating a look That Belongs To You

Date Added: March 03, 2015 12:19:53 AM
Author: Deborra Mitchell
Category: Business: Business Services

When you open your home cabinets, do you brace yourself for an avalanche? Does the look of your old cabinets ruin the new look of your newly renovated kitchen in Arizona? If so, maybe it is time for an update. It is says that cabinetry is the foundation of most of space in our home such as kitchen. Everything is built in or around the cabinetry. With this choosing the right cabinetry is very important. The right cabinetry can make or break your Arizona kitchen or even bathroom functionality and style — not to mention your budget. No pressure, right? Don't stress yet. With custom designed cabinetry in Arizona and custom office furniture in Arizona, many property owners in the area are enjoying their space as this custom Arizona cabinetry provides their property with an easy-to-access fashion and functionality. With the uniqueness, functionality and style the Arizona custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets provide, no doubt why many homeowners prefer custom kitchen cabinets and custom bathroom cabinets in Arizona over stock cabinets. The Difference Between Stock & Custom Cabinets Stock Cabinets Stock cabinets are pre-manufactured and readymade cabinets. These cabinets are mass-produced in a factory and ready to ship when ordered. They are cut in certain sizes, usually in increments of 3 inches between sizes, and are just waiting to be installed. What you see is what you get. You usually have a limited selection of colours, shapes, styles, wood type etc. You cannot choose the custom design and style you like, and you just get what is available. Since stock cabinets are sold in modular and same units, do not be surprise of you found the same cabinet as yours. The advantages of stock cabinets are quick delivery and affordability. They are usually made of inferior materials to keep the costs down, allowing the manufacturer to sell them at low prices. Custom Made Cabinets Unlike stock cabinets, custom cabinets are built to one’s specifications, therefore; these cabinets are made with the colour, style and design you exactly want. They are either built on- or- off-site by a skilled and professional carpenter, or manufactured on a build-to-order basis. Because they are customized, this kind of cabinets is labor-intensive and expensive than stock cabinets and they usually take a few weeks or months to complete. Why Save More With Custom Cabinets It is a fact that custom cabinets are much more expensive than stock cabinets. That is the price you will have to pay if you want cabinetry that doesn't only look good, fits your design perfectly, and saves space, but also will last a long time. The quality custom cabinets provide is the main reason why you can save more with this kind of cabinets. How? It is because stock cabinets are more prone to repairs replacements. In a long run you just find yourself spending more that you expected, having to fix them sooner, or worse, replacing the stock cabinets in its entirety. Stock cabinets also come with other expenses like buying for optional items installation and ugly fillers to fill the gaps that will surely come up because they are not measured exactly for the space it is intended to be installed in.